Three Investment Tips from Warren Buffett

We all know who Warren Buffett is and what he has achieved as a phenomenal investor. More than that, however, he is also a good story-teller and an effective teacher. For fifty years, he has essentially painted his company, Berkshire Hathaway, to become a gigantic mural showcasing the numerous investment styles and management strategies he has implemented.

Every year, Buffett writes to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders in his capacity as chairman and chief executive, continually strengthening his reputation as a leading investor. Let us consider three valuable tips contained in his latest letter:

1. Fees can do you in

Less than a decade ago, Buffett wagered that passive index fund would surpass several hedge funds. He is way ahead by a wide margin on that bet, even as early as a couple of years ago, that the bet was effectively settled before the ten-year deadline. Buffett explains it this way in his letter:

"Although most managers at both levels were honest and smart people, the results for their investors were quite dismal. Unfortunately, the large fixed fees paid to the concerned funds and funds-of-funds, which were absolutely unjustified by performance, meant that their managers received huge compensations for the past nine years. Gordon Gekko would have said: 'Fees never sleep'."

2. Use their fear as your weapon

Mr. Buffett retells the parable of Mr. Market this way:

"When times are troubled, you have two choices: First, as an investor, use people’s fear as an opportunity to buy at low prices. Second, your own fear will work against you, as it is also needless. Investors who wait patiently on the long-term and avoid huge fees and unwanted expenses will surely do well in the end."

The better choice is to let others panic and stay calm; likewise, remain on course for the long haul.

3. At times, share buybacks is the way to go

They have various titles: repurchases, buybacks or capital returns; and companies love offering them. If you have surplus cash hidden and you wish to enhance your return on equity and to improve per-share earnings, as well as to satisfy investors without being tied yearly, go for the Share Buyback.

Buffett put it so plainly; every investor will not need an interpreter or mentor to get it.

"Here is a simple analogy: With three equal partners in a business valued at $3000 and one is bought out by the other two for $900, each one makes $50 out of the deal. However, if the two paid $1100 in the buy-out, the remaining partners lose $50 each. This holds true for corporations and their shareholders.”

Buffett, therefore, suggests: "Before considering any repurchases, a CEO and the board should unite and say, 'What is good at a certain price is bad at another'."

If you are the kind of shareholder who delights in a company repurchasing shares, let this be a lesson to cure that impulse. Just make certain the decision is good.

A lot of investors stayed away from Berkshire Hathaway shares, thinking the firm was big, its shares pricey and its chairman old. But within the past year, those shares went up 29%.

Trump’s entry and other factors helped raise the share price. But as Buffett keeps telling people, short-term predictions are unreliable and they need to buy quality shares on long-term investments.

Devin Consultants Financial Management in Singapore and Tokyo’s Clients


At Devin Consultants, Our Clients Come First

We commit ourselves to the mission of offering and making available professional financial solutions and investment services to all people. We stand by the principle that by placing our clients' interests first and foremost, reducing complicated investment matters in simple, understandable words, and assisting individuals in need, we will achieve our mission.

Investments Planners with One Philosophy

Each and every member of our financial team undergoes stringent training in administering Devin's main philosophy, which is founded on sound academic research and modern Behavioral Finance.

Every one of our planners believes that all people, whether wealthy or having average income, deserves excellent financial counsel and planning guidance. With any of our professional experts, you can trust that YOU ATTAIN THE HIGHEST BENEFITS ABOVE ALL and derive the best experience with Devin Consultants.

Begin Planning your Financial Security Today

Our Devin Consultants expert will guide you create a plan in merely 3 easy steps.

1. Talk

You can talk and we will listen as you detail your needs, goals and anxieties. We will then create a customized plan that shows you how we can assist you attain your investment objectives.

2. Act

We will collaborate with you in executing the plan. We continue to guide you through the process by providing you with updates on your financial status and necessary adjustments as events transpire in your life.

3. Relax

No need to fret as long as we are here for you. Get in touch with us when you need us for any problem at all. If it is about money, you can depend on us. Call or email us today.

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Essential Needs of Devin Consultants Financial Management in Singapore and Tokyo


Creating More Wealth to Meet Your Essential Needs

Devin Consultants carries the fiduciary mandate to serve your needs as a top priority. Hence, we ask a minimal annual fee according to the value of your assets, not the transactions. That is, we do not demand commissions or third-party payments - removing a possible source of conflict of interest often seen in the investment industry.

What are your needs?

Right at the start of our relationship, we collaborate with our clients directly. Particularly your leadership, in order to evaluate the following essential matters:

• Strategic plan
• Short- and long-term goals
• Top priorities
• Mission statement
• Yearly budget
• Legal and financial structure of the organization
• Other pertinent issues

The information we get from you will be used to effectively manage your assets. The following procedure will utilize your information to build, institute and manage a financial plan tailor-fitted according to your goals and needs:

1. We undertake a meticulous assessment of your goals to determine your risk tolerance level and assist you in laying down a financial plan schedule dovetailed to your objectives.

2. We help you make, evaluate or reconfigure (if necessary) your Investment Policy Statement such that it represents your investment requirements while seeking to reduce the potential liability risk of the company as well as board members.

3. We create a properly-diversified asset distribution approach suited to your needs and objectives in order to achieve liquidity and minimize risk exposure.

4. We offer current, unrelenting portfolio care and management, along with appropriate strategic adjustments done through our day-to-day monitoring of your assets.

5. We undertake bookkeeping duties of your account, as well as provide you with monthly updates and access to your accounts online.

6. Lastly, we will perform regular review of Your Investment Policy Statement and Asset Allocation to validate that all aspects of your strategy remain viable and suited to your dynamic requirements.

Starting with the larger perspective to the tiniest item, Devin Consultants manages your organizational financial needs while focusing on achieving your highest interests.

Devin Consultants Financial Management in Singapore and Tokyo’s Interests


Focusing on Your Highest Interests

Company executives and members who sit on boards possess special and vital duties with regard to managing assets which have been entrusted to them. As such, Devin Consultants also has the similar fiduciary duty to assist you in undertaking your responsibilities.

Being a registered provider of investment advice, we are prepared to serve your fiduciary needs according to your best interests. We are not in the habit of offering the latest hot tips or grabbing the newest fad, because charting your company's financial security should never be seen as a game of chance. Instead, we help you attain your essential goals efficiently and effectively through making solid and discriminating investment decisions.

Moreover, Devin Consultants has put together a professional and well-experienced powerhouse of financial experts to support its clients. These are trained to listen to your story and appreciate your company's financial circumstances so that they can provide personalized investment solutions aimed at helping you to attain your goals. Our financial experts are a rich source of insights and information to resolve your issues and find the appropriate solutions, providing you with continuing assistance and guarantee that you obtain the excellent service.

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Investment Solution of Devin Consultants Financial Management in Singapore and Tokyo

Investment Solution

Finding Your Investment Solution

How your investments perform impacts the well-being of your organization. Optimal financial management practices will focus on minimized risks, reduced fees and maximized returns.

What you get: Access to the kind of investment management services often reserved only for only the largest corporate investors.

The objective is quite simple: Working to evade substantial losses and at the same time produce competitive revenues in the worldwide financial marketplace, allowing your organization to achieve its financial targets, create yearly budgets, support grants and finance your corporate mission.

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Devin Consultants Financial Management in Singapore and Tokyo’s Commitment

• Fiduciary Responsibility: Your corporate board members and executive personnel are tasked with the management and supervision of the firm's financial well-being and reputation. Being your Registered Investment Advisor, our fiduciary role requires us to undertake steps to safeguard your highest financial interests at all times. Devin Consultants assures that your investments are managed according to your company's financial goals and cash requirements.

• Mission Sustainability: Majority of non-profit organizations require an approach which ensures the continuance of their mission indefinitely; and our company respects and supports your commitment as well to serve the many partners within your organization - whether they are employees, volunteers, members, donors, customers or beneficiaries of the services you provide.

• Performance Consistency: This role involves two equally vital components: service and investment performance. Either component requires great attention on a daily or long-term basis in order for your organization to achieve success. Devin Consultants can appreciate the links between operations, budgeting and portfolio performance; and our partnerships with our clients are founded on consistency.

• Client Service: Devin Consultants recognizes the fact that our ultimate client is your mission. Everything that we undertake is aimed at guiding your organization to attain its goals and highest potentials.

Devin Consultants Financial Management in Singapore and Tokyo on Investment Management for Individuals


We Provide Financial Awareness to Ordinary Investors

Devin Consultants works to make stock market accessible and comprehensible to people like you who have given up on the questionable business procedures prevailing in the retail mutual fund sector.

Your Personal Portfolio, Our Fiduciary Standard

Devin Consultants is a Registered Investment Advisory company, working as your fiduciary to serve your highest interests.

Investment Management Intended for Institutions

At Devin Consultants, our philosophy is simple: We help clients avoid overexposed investments and very risky methods in order to attain their long-term and short-term objectives. Our Institutional Services Group provides help to profit and non-profit religious organizations and charitable institutions, professional and trade professional associations, foundations, corporations and endowments, community associations and service companies, trust accounts and schools and universities.

The size of your company, foundation, association of endowment is not an issue, whether small or medium-sized. Devin Consultants can offer its expertise to manage your financial needs, whatever may be your need, producing more present revenue or enhancing your assets for future business expansion or other relevant purposes.

Being your financial counselor, we provide your company full assistance - which includes extensive investment advice, comprehensive project completion and current, on-going management.

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About Devin Consultants Financial Management in Singapore and Tokyo

About Us

Devin Consultants, a financial management company with hundreds of satisfied clients who trust the counsel and services we provide through our financial experts. Utilizing the latest technology, we can help you enjoy full online access to our financial management services.

Majority of investment management companies will ask you to invest from $250,000 to $500,000 to $1 million and much more! But with Devin Consultants, you can start with an account for a small investment. Nevertheless, we would be glad serve wealthy individuals, families and companies who make the bulk of our clientele; but we take equal pride in providing our services to those denied by other investment firms. In fact, we have found out along the way that guiding some people to build wealth is as much enjoyable as helping others remain that way! Our commitment is expressed by our diligence to ultimately serve the community.

The Devin Managed Asset Program enables you to invest in the similar way that institutional investors, endowments and pension funds invest their wealth – utilizing the same time-proven financial methods available at their disposal.

Other investment experts classify clients into any of three investment types - whether conservative, moderate or aggressive. This is meaningless though; because we all know people cannot put into such confining boxes. To avoid this simplistic approach, Devin Managed Asset Program provides over 50 asset allocation categories, each one offering opportunities provided by numerous asset types and market niches in the international investment environment.

Planning for Your Financial Future with Devin Consultants Financial Management in Singapore and Tokyo

Plan your financial security like you plan your vacation

Who enjoys financial planning? Who enjoys spending money? A world of perfect people would say "yes" to both. Ideally, however, we should take ample time planning carefully - without necessarily enjoying it, although that would not be bad - how to build our wealth for our future security. Our commitment is to listen to you and appreciate your personal objectives so that we can help you build an effective financial plan.

Plan your financial security like you plan your vacation

Devin Consultants will collaborate with you to develop a personalized plan with your specific objectives and aspirations in mind.

If you need more compelling reasons to begin the process, we will introduce you to the Devin Consultants planning process and how it will work for your benefit.

Everyone needs a solid Financial Plan -- We can help you make one

Devin Consultants will not require you to become financial experts, knowing the significance of dollar-cost averaging, RMDs or any exotic technical terms. All you need is to be an expert in your goals and expectations. Tell us your objectives in life and we will assist you in discovering how to achieve them.

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